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Cleaning Brush Set UltraDrill™

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Become a superhero of cleaning!

Scrubbing by hand is such a pain! It can lead to sore wrists, fingers, and back. It’s also quite time-consuming and can take up a considerable amount of your valuable time… forget about it! Now, there’s finally a solution to this age-old problem!

UltraDrill™ - Cleaning Brush Set is designed to be used with any household cordless drill (not included) and features a quick change shaft on all three brushes. You’ll find so many uses for this brilliant product around your home and yard and they’ll save you lots of back-breaking effort and pain along the way.

Power through burnt-on grime on pots and pans, restore alloy wheels to their former glory, make your car mats and seats like new again, scrub up your boat, RV, motorcycle, or decking. You name it, these powerful scrubbers can clean it!

Safe to Use: Due to the compact size and lightweight of each scrub brush, it's easy to hold the drill during the cleaning process. Thanks to that dimensions, UltraDrill™ - Cleaning Brush Set will not damage your favorite drill!

Premium Nylon Bristles: We use the highest quality PP-element to manufacture our UltraDrill™ - Cleaning Brush Set. Each brush has a medium stiffness bristle, this allows you to use these brushes as you wish WITHOUT any worries about the scratches

Gets into everywhere: Each drill brush of UltraDrill™ - Cleaning Brush Set has its special shape and size, which allows you to remove the grout from hard-to-reach spots, like baseboards and corners.

Different sizes and applications:

  • The first kind of drill brush is rounded. Use it for the cleaning of your toilet bowls or sink.
  • The second kind of brush is in a circular shape with bristles in a flat position. Use it for cleaning floors, walls, and car seats.
  • The last kind of brush is the smallest one. Suitable for cleaning the most hard-to-reach and narrow places (like your showerheads and faucets).
  • The fourth brush (4PCS Set) is also round with flat bristles and is suitable for more detailed brushing and polishing.

Cleaning Brush Set UltraDrill™

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