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Laser Hair Removal Qartel™

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Forget about unwanted hair!

If you are tired of frequent shaving, painful waxing, or expensive laser treatments with unsatisfactory, slow results, this handset is what you need! The Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ effectively removes and prevents unwanted hair growths down to the root.

Pain-free, portable, and convenient. Designed to make your life easier Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ reduces unwanted hair regrowth and delivers permanent results that you notice immediately.

Designed by hair removal experts, Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ uses high tech taking hair removal to the next level. Intense Pulsed Lights creates a tiny explosion in the follicle, disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair to discourage it from growing back.

Save Yourself Time and Money - In as little as 3 minutes, you can remove hair right from the comfort of your own home. No hidden costs. No need to upgrade or purchase refills. Never shave again.

Convenient Flash Modes - The single flash mode is perfect for harder to reach, smaller, more delicate areas (lip, armpit, bikini or chin). The continuous flash will save you time on those larger areas, such as your legs, thighs, arms, chest and back.

Unique and Efficient - Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ uses the Pulsed Light Technology (IPL) which emits powerful, ultra-fast pulses of light under the skin to temporarily disable hair follicles from being able to grow new strands of hair.

600000 Flashes - It doubles the flashes a regular epilator produces! From 300,000 flashes, this one produces 600,000 flashes to perfectly treat large areas of the body.

70% - 90% Hair Reduction - Witness a significant decrease in hair reduction in your body with regular use!

Completely Painless - Clinical studies have shown the safety and efficacy of Laser Hair Removal Qartel™. Unlike conventional hair removals such as waxing and plucking, this one is 100% pain-free and safe!

How to use:

  1. Shave the area where the laser hair removal handset is going to be used.
  2. Put the Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ on the spot you want to treat at a 90-degree angle and press the flash button.


  • Week 1 to 4 - Two treatments a week. You'll notice that the hairs are thinning.
  • Week 4 to 8 - One treatment a week. You notice a significant number of fewer hairs on the treated areas.
  • After week 8 - Hair growth slowed down or completely disappeared. Use the Laser Hair Removal Qartel™ once every two weeks on those spots where light hair growth starts again.

Laser Hair Removal Qartel™

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