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Ultralight Camping AirPump Qartel™

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Tiny pump with ultra power!

Holidays outdoors often turn into a nightmare... You have to expend a lot of effort to inflate your mattress with a hand pump or your own lungs. Not exactly the scenario one expects from an outdoor holiday, is it?

Forget dirt, germs and lost time with the Ultralight Camping AirPump Qartel™, a compact and heavy-duty camping and travel pump that helps you inflate or deflate any mattress or pillow in seconds.

It can also work as a vacuum device to suck the air out of a vacuum bag, reducing storage space by more than 50%. So, yes. It's not just suitable for camping, but also for travelling.

Universal valve types - your Ultralight AirPump has 4 nozzles to work with any type of valve on the market. From air mattresses to vacuum bags, we have yet to find an incompatible valve.

Ultra-light and compact - weighing just 2.9 ounces (85 grams), it weighs less than a pack of cards. At that weight it's not even considered a luxury item in glamping, it's a necessity.

Camping light function - TINY PUMP can also be used as an outdoor camping light, 3 types of brightness (40, 150 and 400LUMENS) to meet different lighting needs. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate camping light mode.

Built-in torch - never cook in the dark or rummage around in your bag looking for things in total darkness. The Ultralight AirPump has a built-in LED torch that works for over 10 hours 🔦.

Long-lasting battery - never worry about running out of charge as it features a rechargeable battery. You can fill 10+ air mattresses on a single charge. You can charge from a fast Type C port, powerbank, regular wall charger or computer.

IPX4 water resistance - the GIGA PUMP is designed with IPX4 waterproof material, which protects against water damage.

High quality materials - Made from strong engineering ABS plastic, it is very durable. The hard case ensures it will work in hot and cold weather and the AirPump will shatter even if dropped from a height of 5 metres.

Ultralight Camping AirPump Qartel™

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